What’s Gone Wrong?

Imagine the scene. The marketing director of a major soft drinks company sits at press conference launching their new cola drink.

But something’s not quite right. In front of him on the table is a bottle of their main rival’s product and every time he speaks he takes a drink from it.

“What should we know about your new cola drink?”, the journalists ask.

“The official policy of my company is that our cola drink is the best drink on the market” he says, immediately followed by another swig from the rival’s bottle. Right in front of all the cameras.

The journalists wouldn’t be fooled, and neither are we. But this is what’s going on in the Anglican Church of Australia every day. We have clergy, even bishops, who promised to uphold the teaching of the Church and yet they actively and openly undermine it.

We need integrity in our leaders. If you don’t want to uphold the doctrine of the Church then don’t bank your stipend cheque. Resign and join another denomination. Anything else is dishonest.